Cheryl      Bridgart

Artist      Designer     Textile Artist

Cheryl's Awards

Royal SA Society of  the Arts

"Boing Boing"

18 Nov. - 9th Dec. 2012

Cheryl entered the FAFME "Leopard Drawing" & "Carnival of Dreams" painting and won 2 merit awards.

--Merit Award-

Leopard Drawing

"Leopard Drawing"

FAFME  Thread on Paper
54 x 72  cm

--Merit Award-

Carnival of Dreams

"Carnival of Dreams"

Acrylic on Canvas
92 x 61 cm

Royal SA Society of  the Arts

"The Melting Pot"

22nd July -19th August 2012

--Merit Award-

Diverse Souls

"Diverse Souls"

FAFME  Thread on Paper
62 x 103 x 20 cm

"Bernina Textile Tattoo 2011"




FAFME 50 cm x 35 cm

This narrative work is created using freestyle machine embroidery on white canvas with thread only.

 "Bernyta" is an extravagant lady of style who craves individuality. She wears her embroidered hat and dress to draw attention to the detail, the stitch to transform fashion into Art. 

The design challenge was to create a piece of artwork to be turned into a skin (tattoo) for the new Bernina 215 sewing machine in any media, textiles, painting, digital, embroidery, dyeing etc.

My art work will be Exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (plus they want me to be a guest at those shows in 2012), and my image made into a skin on a limited edition sewing machine, a diary, calendar and advertising and marketing material. They acquire my art work which was a totally embroidered face, and I also receive one of the machines with my art work on. In addition I have been invited to exhibit and teach in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane next year. Oh what fun!

"SALA on Hutt 2011"

-- Winner--

-- & --

--Peoples Choice Winner--

                 Kari                              Never too many stripes

               "Kari"                                  "Never too many Stripes"

                                 110  cm x 92 cm                                          61 cm x 92 cm

                         Hidden connections                                               Adelaide Magic

"Hidden Connections"                        "Adelaide Magic"       

                             61  cm x 92 cm                                                    71 cm x 92 cm     

Cheryl's paintings were exhibited at the Westpac Bank and Buenos Aires Restaurant and won the overall winner and peoples choice.


"SALA on Hutt 2010"

--Peoples Choice Winner--

       The hat parade          Vivienne

"The Hat Parade"                                "Vivienne"

                                102  cm x 102 cm                                                51 cm x 76 cm

Cheryl's paintings exhibited at the Westpac Bank were voted peoples choice.


"Cibo Galleria 2010"


                 April                June

"April"  61 cm x 91 cm              "June"   61 cm x 91 cm       

               Just Imagine         Autumn Moments

"Just Imagine"  61  x 91 cm        "Autumn Moments"   61 x 91 cm 

Six of  Cheryl's paintings were exhibited at Henley Beach Cibos ( five now have new homes). On a peoples choice vote Cheryl was one of three artists to proceed to the finals

"National Australasian Creative Challenge"


This piece of Machine embroidery titled 8 Aussie Icons is currently on a world exhibition tour and an article about its creation has been published in the book Galleria of Machine Artistry and Quilting.

           8 Aussie icons

"Dreamtime 96 National Billy Can Award"


This was a national competition open to all art forms and sponsored by Qantas, The Australia Council and Tourism Australia to promote Australia and its art and tourism internationally.

This artwork was used for the major promotion of Australia its art and tourism.

It is now in The Powerhouse Museum  Sydney.

Billy can

billy can flat

The FAFME  machine embroidered panel before being attached to the billy-can  

billycan and cheryl

"Bernina International Calendar Competition"

-- Winner--

1994 and 1995

                 may 94 calendaraug 95 calendar

Two of Cheryl's Art to wear pieces were chosen for the Bernina international calendars.